Flagstaff artist Erin Brinkman (1983) was born and raised north of Apache Junction, Arizona. She moved to Flagstaff in 2001 to attend Northern Arizona University where she studied studio art and French- two of her life-long passions. She lived abroad and had a career as a French teacher before deciding to paint full time.

 Her early influences were the post-impressionists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, and more recently by the old masters and contemporary British art. Her work incorporates dramatic soft lighting, and a simple yet bold palate.

 As a whole, her work primarily features the human form as an attempt to sympathize with the human experience, display its natural beauty, and elevate our ability to continually improve.  She currently lives and works in Flagstaff, AZ and has been exhibiting since September 2012. Read more

Family Sunset on Peaks
Me and my wife Kristina on Humphrey’s Peak at sunset with our dogs Ginsberg and Kiya.
Brinkman says a lot
Me in a meme made by one of my oldest friends.


Solo and Group Exhibitions

Touch of Comfort, Flagstaff AZ, Ongoing
The State Bar, Flagstaff AZ, May 2015
Rendez-Vous, Flagstaff AZ, May 2015
Vora Financial, Flagstaff AZ, Oct-Nov 2014
Rooftop Solar, Flagstaff AZ, July 2014
The State Bar, Flagstaff AZ, May-June 2013
Criollo Latin Kitchen, Flagstaff, AZ, May 2013
B Space, Brinkman Visual Art, Flagstaff, AZ, 2013-2014
Gallery La Melgosa, Phoenix, AZ, March 2014
Bayside Art Festival, San Diego, CA, September 25+26, 2013
Mia’s Lounge, Flagstaff, AZ, June 2013
Criollo Latin Kitchen, Flagstaff, AZ, May 2013
The Hive, Flagstaff, AZ, Jan-Feb 2013
McSweeney the Salon, Flagstaff, AZ, November-December 2012
Mountain Oasis, Flagstaff, AZ, October 2012
Morning Glory Café, Flagstaff, AZ, 2012



The Flagstaff Live, May 2013

The Flagstaff Noise, October 2012


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  1. Hey i’m Erika’s boyfriend, just checking out your work, just wanted to say hello, maybe I will meet you at xmas…..if Erika lets me come:) X

    1. Hi! See you in a few months I hope 🙂 I hope you two are having a good time in Indo.

  2. This is a great, and fascinating work! By the way I like your Bio! Take care

    1. Merci beaucoup Charles- à bientôt j’espère!

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